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Web Hosting

Customized Web Hosting Exclusively For Our Design Clients

If you are starting from scratch or have an existing website that you are not happy with, let us manage your hosting solutions and choose the right plan for you. We will save you time, hassle and in the end, money. With the experts at TDG managing your site, you will be free to do what you do best, run your company, not have your website run you.

Aren’t you tired of always having website issues and questions only the hosting company or web developer can answer, such as:

  • When does our domain name need to be renewed?
  • Should we register more domain names?
  • Our business is growing, will our website adapt?
  • I’m tired of getting so many spam emails. How can I manage this?
  • Is our website technologically current?
We recommend that TDG manage your web hosting from day one, so with ONE call you will have all of your questions answered in a smooth, seamless fashion.

Our Managed Hosting Solutions are offered exclusively to our clients with one goal, that their online presence is efficient and stress free.

When our clients trust us with our websites, they understand that their online success directly correlates with the reliability, speed, security and technological readiness of their website.

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