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Get Quick Results

What is it?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC or paid search) drives customers to your site from paid ads on search engines like Google. We test different keywords and make sure to target customers searching in your market. PPC is also a way to get on search results quickly in the sponsored ads section at the top of a search page.

Why is PPC important? It is the best way for you to get immediate traffic and exposure in sponsored links. It allows for precision targeting and A/B testing abilities. 20% to 30% of all traffic goes through sponsored ads. PPC is highly focused and most important, highly trackable.

The experts at TDG implement a program that will not only create your PPC campaign but will monitor it from day one. This is our process for managing a PPC campaign:

1. We start with a very thorough questionnaire, so we can get to know your company inside and out.

2. After looking at your specifics, we create a media plan.

3. Our team of paid search experts specialize in different markets. We set up your PPC account with all the keywords and phrases you need for your specific market.

4. We continuously refine and optimize your plan throughout the campaign.

5. We create reports for you on a monthly/quarterly basis.

6. Our goal is always to improve your campaign and to expand it if needed.

The objective is to create a winning Pay-Per-Click campaign that will increase your business by bringing paying customers to your site.

To learn more about TDG’s PPC services, contact us today for a free consultation.

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