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Gain Credibility With Your SEO Campaign

So what is SEO and why is it so important?

Think about how you search for information when you need it. Do you break out the yellow pages? No, you go online and click onto a search engine like Google and start searching. Well, you are not alone.

  • 89% of shoppers research online, even when purchasing offline. comScore, 2011.
  • 89% of searchers click on organic search listings (not paid ads). Enquisite, 2011.
  • Advertisers get a 7:1 ROI on search marketing, on average. McKinsey & Co, 2011.

With the Internet being where most people find information today and search engines like Google being the first place people look, having a website that is “search engine optimized” is essential. SEO is the process utilized by marketers to optimize your website to be more friendly and visible to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. The process is a combination of utilizing words and phrases that search engines recognize in conjunction with many “off-site” procedures that navigate the customer to your site. With the right keywords, your site is more likely to be ranked higher in a search. Bottom line is; you want your site to come up in a search before your competitors. Additionally, search traffic is the BEST kind of traffic your site can get because it comes from people specifically searching for your services. Those are the “clicks” we are looking for, as they have a higher chance of turning browsers into customers.

But we at TDG are very particular about how we do SEO. Our copywriters are all SEO savvy but they also know that if the message and vision of your company is not delivered in a well-written and engaging way, visitors may come to your site but they may not stay.

So we use only organic and natural keywords placed in persuasive copy that helps navigate the visitor to your site and most importantly entices them to keep reading and hopefully to start buying.

Your SEO campaign begins once we have created the website copy and optimized it to be recognized by search engines. Here are some of the services and methods we employ to manage a successful SEO campaign:

  • We provide real individuals managing the campaign—not just a computer tracking numbers.
  • We have superior customer service and employ a team of professionals working on your campaign, each bringing a specific expertise to the table.
  • We customize a campaign for your business, (we don’t just give you a cookie-cutter strategy) and provide you with a road map outlining our SEO plan.
  • We offer pre-sale support, post-sale support, and fulfillment support
  • We perform the repetitive marketing tasks to free your time
  • We focus on bringing you customers, not just traffic using top industry tracking methods.
  • You get up-to-date reports on tasks completed and campaign performance, and we continually analyze and improve your campaign.

If your goal is to increase your search engine rankings, website traffic, and ultimately your sales through effective search engine optimization, contact us today for a free consultation.

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