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Email Campaigns Work

If you are a plumber, a nonprofit, a wine merchant, or an accountant, you need interaction with potential customers to keep your business open. Irregular communication isn’t effective. By building consistent dialogue with your customers, the trust and comfort level they have with you increases. Your emails will be welcome reminders. Your customers become loyal, spend more, donate more frequently and become your greatest advocates. The easiest and most effective way to build dialogue is with Email Marketing. The Dion Group is partnering with Constant Contact to bring you energetic and imaginative Email Marketing campaigns. Email Marketing, Event Marketing, Online Surveys and Social Campaigns are some of the most effective and efficient tools for generating your brand recognition and staying in touch with your consumers.

  • Email Marketing is direct, because Email newsletters about new products and services tend to go straight into the inbox and stay away from the spam file.
  • Email campaigns are easy and quick because you can keep a record of the results with real time reports and always schedule emails at the right time for optimal results.
  • TDG’s customized Email Campaign Method ensures that you know who opens, clicks and forwards your emails. This way you can find out what is working and create appropriate text.
  • Your desired audience is targeted so there is no guessing if people are interested in your services or products.
  • We design emails that are not only well written but are fun and engaging to look at and they always use your distinctive corporate brand.
  • Social Media is powerful! Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will all attract new fans and connect you with your old ones as well. We will help you connect with existing fans and attract new ones to your Facebook page by offering promotions, coupons, exclusive videos, product and event showcases, downloadable content and more.
  • Emails create referrals!
  • Contact Lists. The Dion Group can help you design a fantastic Facebook page for your business and grow your mailing list. We will add the “Join My Mailing List” button to your social media pages and business website.

To learn more about TDG’s Email Marketing Program or to start your next Email marketing campaign, contact us today for a free consultation.

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