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Easy To Navigate And Beautiful To Look At

TDG works exclusively with WordPress for CMS. This ensures that you and your administrators have the ability to manage your website’s content in real time. For small and medium sized businesses this is very important. Everyday changes are needed on most websites such as new events, updates and articles of interest. With WordPress (the #1 free CMS in the world) your website is always accessible. Your ability to engage with your viewers is always there. After researching all the different CMS’s available in the market, there is no company or service that rivals WordPress.

The website developers at TDG are experts in WordPress site creation. WordPress has hundreds of different designs and templates that our web designers can transform into unique and powerful sites. We can build these sites to be technical as well as creative and visually appealing. WordPress is constantly improving their templates to meet the needs of the millions of their users.

WordPress offers the following:

  • A community of volunteers around the globe improving its features and User Experience everyday
  • Software that is easy to use, fast and is loved by it’s viewers
  • It is the state of the art open-source publishing platform
  • It has enabled many ways to incorporate your blogs onto your site
  • All of it’s tools are built-in
  • It is search engine friendly
  • It is the most popular website software in the world

YOU do not have to be tech savvy to update your site whenever you feel the need.

To learn more about TDG’s Website Services and how user friendly a WordPress site is to use, contact us today for a free consultation.

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